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39th Happy Birthday Celebration





Birthday Boy


Lots of wishes


Lots of Beers and Cheers 🙂



Lots of family and friends get together





This was really a special Birthday celebration with so many smiling faces around and so many best wishes flying around.

Thank you everyone for your best wishes 🙂

You can find my birthday blog here –

You can find my 1 minute video for my last 1-year adventures here:



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Fabulous 39

Let’s be little casual, little adventurous and little carefree. Listen to the softest music offered by the heart, add that special ingredient “Passion” into it. Then, you’ll have that perfect recipe of “awesomeness” ready to serve. Mix this awesomeness in the life’s journey. End result? 39 years of EXCITING and EXHILARATING moments throughout the journey. That’s how I can sum up my journey so far on my 39th birthday.

Be it, Bungy jumping from 273 feet height or Sky diving from 10000 feet or trekking to the Everest base camp at 18500 feet or skiing at the snowy slopes of Auli or scuba diving at Goan beach or completing the 100 kms cycling ride or winning 5 Km running race, these are the few moments when I felt the adrenaline rush flowing throughout the body. That is when I felt ALIVE, leaving the worries behind and feeling the pumped heartbeat and boundless energy within. On this special day, I would wish more such experiences and excitements in my life.

Well, going forward, that is the plan- Stay Happy, Stay Young and Stay energetic. Target is to keep pushing hard and create new memories when I enter into the special new category called 40s.

People say- Earn respect, degrees and money in your 20s; Build career, a sweet home and a sweet family in your 30s; and just CHILL in your 40s.

Well, I completely agree with this view. That’s exactly how I’m gonna spend my 40s.

Riding to the worlds best rides at Disneyland Shanghai, a bullet train ride from Shanghai to Beijing, then going for a walk on great wall of china is the beginning of this exciting journey towards 40.


Traveling to new places, trying new things and trekking to new heights would be always on the menu. After all, these are few things which gives me the much needed OXYGEN for the SOUL creating an aura of HAPPINESS in life. I am happy that I choose HAPPINESS over everything. I could realize, “Being Happy” is the ultimate goal of life.

So, I am set for that exciting ride towards “Pursuit of Happiness” for next 365 days. Stay Tuned !

Thank you for your best wishes and encouragements throughout my life’s journey.

Memories of last 365 days:

At Everest Base Camp on my last birthday


Sky Dive


Bungy Jumping


Scuba Diving




Jet Skiing




Century Ride (100 Kms of cycling)


And the Winning Trophy for my fabulous 39th year


All activities in this 1 minute video:



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365 days of Pure Fun- “Std-3”

Each day is little life. Who else can understand this fact better than a kid ? For them, even a day is too long. It’s the moments in each day which makes them excited and energetic throughout the day. The 365 days of the year just flies with all the good and fun memories without having a single dull moment.

Witness a kid in 1st week of April. They are just charged up for the new session in School. New books, new bags, new pencils and so many new things in her life to celebrate a brand new year in school. For the parents,  this might be just another year of watching their kids promoting from one class to another class. But, for the kids, it’s 365 days of pure fun awaiting for them in their next session.

Before my kid deep dive into a new world with full of fun, excitement and brand new activities, let me share few moments of her last 1 year in standard-3.

First day of her Standard-3 session



A leisure afternoon after school with her toys and favorite Teddy bear


Posing with her new dress made by Mom


Experiencing the flying fun in indigo airlines (excitement is visible in her smile)


Birthday party with local friends in Nani’s house


Fun with mehandi decorated hands in Mousi’s wedding


In a Bride look-alike dress made by mom


With a short Hair Cut


At Madam Tussauds, Delhi


Independence day preparation for a school event


Weekend Fun at Apartment Central park


Spending quality time with princesses and Slime 🙂


Jungle Safari at Rajaji National Park


In Her fancy dress for School Annual Function


At Sarson da Khet


Her favorite Greeting card making style with quiz in it 🙂


Posing at a school function


Having fun in Bouncy play area


Doing Para-Sailing adventure activity @ GOA


Having fun in 3D- art gallery at Udaipur




Enjoying skiing and snow-Trekking in Auli


Enjoying the sea waves at GOA


Encouraging Mummy and Daddy to go for Sky Diving 


With friends, enjoying the color festival- HOLI


Won Silver medal in Inter school Skating championship


Celebrating Republic day in Apartment


Friends waiting to perform in Yoga at School sports event


Great to have Nani’s (mom’s mother and mousi) in school to see Yoga performance


At Barbique nation kitchen with the head chef 


At annual Flowers and chatkare show, Golf links


Filling holy Ganga water at Haridwar


Created self wax hands at Madam Tussauds, delhi


Having Fun in Rishikesh


My Fav- Camel Ride


Having some good time in The Grand Venice mall, Greater Noida


Enjoying Gondola ride with Nani


With Friends in Skating Competition


Principal Ma’am congratulating after  winning a silver medal in skating.


Jet-ski ride in Goa


Enjoying Fish SPA in a mall


Free time enjoying sun, sand and waves at GOA


Happy Father’s day


Happy Mother’s Day


Having fun with Piano


Summary, a lot of fun throughout the year

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Auli Skiing experience

I thought skiing was easy until I tried myself in Auli. Forget about skiing, standing on the ice itself was an Himalayan task. It was damn hard to stand on the ice with the Skiing shoes on. The first 2 days of skiing session went just by falling all over the directions- sometimes left side, sometimes right side, sometime forward and sometimes backward. But the key was to stand up again after each fall. Then, I could realize the importance of 3 P’s in life i.e Patience, Persistence, Perseverance. Now, I can say, these 3 P’s are must for someone who wants to learn skiing.

To make it more clear,  let me show you my skiing video 🙂

It’s not just about skiing in Auli. We have multiple options available in Auli. One can go for trekking to Gurson Bugyal(half day trekking), experience the India’s longest Ropeway from Joshimat to Auli.

At the same time, One can relax without doing anything in Auli. This is such a beautiful place.

Few Snaps from my Auli Trip:

Family Time

911 (2)1318

Fun with my childhood friends- Manas and Ranjan:


The Young Skiier and Trekker- My daughter Khushi (8 and 1/2 years)

1 (2)2 (2)217 (2)21

Few Romantic Clicks (Thanks to Manas for capturing this)


Our Skiing Gang


For our group, It was an amazing experience at Auli. I would strongly recommend everyone to visit this place if you are looking for pure fun in snow,  skiing is bonus 🙂

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Happy Holi-2015

Sweet Girl Khushi with Her pichkari ..



Khushi and Meh3

Me and my wife- Pratiksha


Me, Khushi and Pratikshah5

Society ambience in Holih6

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Happy Holi-2018

आपको और आपके परिवार को होली की बहुत बहुत बधाई!

Congratulations to you and your family on the eve of color festival- Holi
Overall, it was a day filled with Fun and enjoyment inside the Society.

Rang se bhare Pichkari




Khushi(Right most) enjoying with her friends Arshiya(At Center) and Fadila (Left most)


Me (Right most) with Akhilesh Ji, Gopal Ji and Himanshu Ji (Right to Left)


Selfie with Friends


Me and my Wife Pratiksha


Rain Dance


Shirtless..after someone tore my T-shirt. Holi Hai, so nothing to complain 🙂


Selfie with Me and My Wife- Pratiksha

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Sky Diving(India) experience from 10000ft

Good news for Indians. Now, we can do sky diving in India. The official site is- . After bungy jumping, me and my wife thought to go for Sky diving. We were thrilled to know that we have options available in India too. Then our excitement doubled and we booked our sky dive without much thinking.

Overall, this is a must-do for each one of us. This overcomes our internal fear and make us a strong person. The experience is great and  I would recommend to try once to all.

Let me share our (Mine and my wife’s Experience on Jumping day)

6 AM: We woke up, got ready and had a light breakfast (maggi for the day)

7 AM: We started our journey from our home (Ghaziabad(Delhi/NCR)  to Jumping site

(Full address- SkyHigh India, Dhanipur airstrip, near dhanipur mandi. kanpur road, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202001)

9:15 AM: The journey was smooth without any potholes on road. We didn’t have to pass through any towns/cities and toll road made our journey smoother by created by pass roads. Thanks to Google, It given an ETA (Estimated time of arrival) at 9:15 Am and we reached at the same time after driving 2 hours and 15 minutes without breaks.

We got to know that jumping staff would reach at 10 AM.

9:15 AM to 10 AM: Just made us comfortable looking at the runaways, charted planes and clicking few snaps to motivate ourselves.

10 AM: Jumping staff arrived and they ask us to fill a 4-5 pages documents. If you read it carefully, you wont be able to do the jump as that is too risky ( As the company wont take even 1 % of risk, all risk become yours). But anyways, we know why we are here. So, we Just gave our signatures on it.

10:30 AM: We are invited for an instruction session. The coach who would be jumping with us was very helpful. He instructed us all the minute steps involved and made us comfortable.

11 AM: The coach took us to the flight which would be used for jumping to make us comfortable.

11:15 AM: We had an apple each of us as we should not jump in empty stomach

11:30 AM: It’s jumping time. My wife told that she will do first. I agreed to her “Ladies first” demand.

11:45 AM: The coach fitted all the safety harness around her body. She is now ready to go.

12 PM: The flight towed to the corner of runway. The skyhigh team took the video recording of Introduction. Where are you from? Why you want to jump? any message to your near and dear ones?

12:15 PM: Flight started, pilot on his seat. All the best from me to my wife. She waved a thumbs up and entered into the flight.

12:30 PM: The flight took off and within seconds, it disappeared in the sky (No sight, no noise to the ground level)

It goes up around 20 to 25 minutes to go upto 10000ft level. This is an open flight with no doors closed. So, one can feel the rush already within the flight. The coach indicates that it reached till 10000 ft. He asks us to be move close to him so that he can tighten safety harness with his body. He tightens it so that even we can feel his breathings. Then he pat on the shoulder and told- 5 minutes to go. Then 2 minutes to go and then, its time to jump.

Time is around 1 PM

1 PM: He asks us to make our left leg out of the flight. Then, the right leg out of the flight. He asks us to stand on a aircraft frame from where we need to jump. Then he asks us whether we are good to jump. We say- YES, and then we both jump.

Within 20-30 seconds we just feel the rush and experience the free fall from 10000 ft. Then the coach opens the first parachute to make us float. He asks us to remove our hands from the harness and hold the parachute wires. By pulling those wires down, we can move left and right. By pulling both the wires with both the hand, it just circulates in the air. This is a great feeling. Then slowly, we comes down to 5000 ft , then 2000 ft. Then, he opens the big parachute which brings us down in a faster speed. Now, is the time for landing. Ground staff burns a colored smoke to indicate the jumper, where to land.

The instruction is loud and clear- We need to raise our leg as  much we can to avoid the impact on ground. The coach will manage everything else. Once we raise our legs, we just feel the touch down with a good impact on our butt.

Then we sought and celebrate that we did the most incredible thing in our life. We just did our “Sky Diving”. We record the moment.

That’s it. One can overcome the biggest fear of jumping out from an aircraft.

We went home with a proud feeling. We reached home around 4:30 PM.

Skyhigh sent the captured photos in next 24-48 hours. The edited video comes in 2 weeks time (too long, I wish that could have been provided us earlier).

Then, we inform everyone that we did the craziest thing of our life. Eveyone congratulates us for our achievement.

From Ground, the views are different– After aircraft takes off and disappears in the sky. No voice, no noise and no sight of the aircraft. After around 30 minutes, we can see a tiny object in the sky and light noise of the aircraft from the sky. We knew, this is the same aircraft which carried our near and dear one. Then we can see one colorful parachute opening with a size of peanut. Slowly, the object size increases and in next 5 minutes, we can see the person shouting in joy and excitement. In next 5 minutes, we can record him/her landing. That is how the experience from ground goes.

As only one para jumper was available and the flight was of only 2-seater. We(Me and my wife) had to jump one by one. My wife went first and me went second.

Then, we had Paratha’s in the same campus and drove towards our home discussing about the experience.

That was our experience, hope you liked it.

Below are the Edited videos:

Sunil’s skydive experience

Pratiksha’s sky dive experience


Memorable snaps:








Certificate of achievement


With our Jumper- RS Rajan


With our cutie kid- Khushi

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Bungy Jumping Experience (Raw Footage)

Below are the raw footages of me and my wifes’ unedited Bungy Jumping experience

My Unedited Bungy Jumping footage:


My wifes’ Unedited Bungy Jumping footage:


My Edited Bungy Jumping footage:

My Wifes’ edited Bungy Jumping footage:

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2017 Wrap-up

Be your own best friend. This is the best quote I got till date. When you become your own best friend, life changes. You start listening to you, understand you, treat you with respect and give first priority to your thoughts. Then, the “MAGIC” begins. At no time, you will be listening to each and every bit of your heart. Passion takes the pilot seat and life accelerates towards an exciting and fantastic journey.

When I started 2017, my single new year resolution was- “not to get bored throughout the year, at any cost.”. To avoid boredom, I started listening to my inner calling. In short, I listened to my heart closely.

This was my heart’s calling and my response in return.

In January, my heart was shouting loudly, “I want one adventure”. Then, trekking to “Nag Tibba Summit” happened. Details here-

In February, my heart was in romantic mood for Valentines day. Thus, “few sweet moments with Valentine” happened.

In March, my heart was in picnic mood. Thus, outing to “Pratapgarh Farms” happened.

In April, my heart was looking for a “great adventure”. Then, I booked- “Everest Base Camp(EBC) Trek”, and started 15-km cycling and regular Gym/walking session.


In May, my heart was targeting internal fitness and motivation for EBC trek. I engaged in Running/Cycling/Walking/Gym exercises throughout the month.


In June, my heart was in celebration mood. I successfully completed the “Adventurous EBC trek” with lot of adventurous moments.

In July, my heart was in party mood for my marriage anniversary. Thus, “Fun and Sweet anniversary celebration” happened.

In August, It was in patriotic mood for India’s Independence day. Thus, few “Patriotic moments” happened.

In September, my heart was shouting for a vacation. Then, GOA vacation booked.

In October, my heart was in relaxed mood in GOA. “Goa Trip” was relaxed one with beer, sun and sand. One of the bucket list item- “Scuba Dive” happened.

In November, my heart was in mood for special adventure. Then, Bungy Jumping happened.

In December, my heart was in mood for one more special adventure, Then, Sky Diving happened.

This way, 12 months passed without any boring moments. I was feeling happy, energetic and joyful throughout the year.

In summary, there are many advantages in being our own best friend. This worked for me. This will work for you too. Mark my words, you will be more than happy for this decision. May be, you can put this as your “New year Resolution”.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you.


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21 Steps for Bungy Jumping

Imagine– You are on a rocky platform, 83 mtrs above the ground. Your legs are tied to rubber cords. Hands free. open and wide green mountain at your front, Bungee crew at your back, Ganga River flowing downside, birds flying over you under the blue sky. Then, You have 3 magic words in your ear- Three, Two, One and Jump. This is the time which decides who is bravest? you or your fear. You jump and You win !

Ask any traveller, one task would be common in their bucket list and that is Bungy Jumping. Why is it so? and why it is so difficult to do? Reason is nothing but our internal fear which do not allow us to do so. But, once you overcome that internal fear, it’s like jumping from your couch. I am not kidding, it is so . Let me demonstrate you!

I was not scared, I was just waiting for my turn to come. Once I was on the jumping platform, it was show time. Three, Two , One and Jump. That’s It. within few seconds, I could overcame one of the greatest fears of life. Is Bungee Jumping that simple? It is. Can’t believe? Try it once and you will completely agree with me. I have one tip for you though- Don’t forget to smile all the way, you are on camera !!!


As now you are confident enough to try Bungy Jumping, let me show my 21-Step approach to perform this activity. This will help you to familiarize with the formalities. You can even simulate one jump in your mind before you actully do the real Jump. But, please dont simulate on your Balcony. It could result into something else 🙂

21 Steps for Bungy Jumping enthusiasists:

Step-1: Explore Jumpin Heights official site ( It’s in Rishikesh, if you are not aware.
Step-2: Call the Jumpin Heights Contact and check for your preferred slot (Contacts: 07830294242 / 07830404067),
Step-3: Book your slot on your preferred day by paying Rs. 3500 on web. If possible, convince at least one more friend to book as well. A company will boost your confidence for sure.
Step-4: If you are in Delhi and planning to drive to Rishikesh on your jumping day, then pls start at 4 AM from Delhi. It takes around 6 hours to reach from Delhi to Rishikesh.
Step-5: Reach Rishikesh by 10AM. This will give you the opportunity to jump in early hours of the day.
Step-6: Jumpin Heights will check your weight and write it on your right fist. Maximum weight allowed is 110KG. They will ask you to fill a form, will show an instruction video for 5-10 mins. Most important instruction is- No one will push you. You have to jump your own. Jump master will say 3,2,1 and Jump. You have to Jump. If you are not able to jump at 1st chance, then, You will be given 2nd and final chance. If you are not ready even on 2nd chance, then there won’t be more chances. Your jump will be cancelled and no money will be returned. Tip- Better to jump on 1st chance. Scare your internal fear at one go.

Step-7: You have to walk around 5 mins to reach to the Bungy Jumping place. Then, you need to wait for your turn. Jumping happens as per color coding on your fist (Which was based on your weight e.g 50 KG to 60 KG were marked in Blue, 60KG to 70KG were marked in GREEN, 70KG and above were marked in RED)
Step-8: Waiting time gives you opportunity to see how other people are jumping and what is their expressions after jump. This gives the final push to your confidence level
Step-9: You will be on the Jumping platform. Jumping master will ask you for any issues. He will fit safety harness to your body. You will be asked to sit on a table.
Step-10: The moment you sit on the table wearing your jumping gear, video recording starts. He will write the video file number on your fist. Camera is on your right hand side.
Step-11: Its show time. You will be standing on the platform, half of your feet will be crossing the platform and half of your feet will be on the platform. You will be on Jumping position.
Step-12: Jump master asks- Are you ready? You answers- Yes. Then, He utters, Three, Two, One and JUMP….You jump. Thrill begins.
Step-13: You will be swinging in the air viewing 360 degrees around you, shouting at your highest level possible. Water revolves, trees revolves, your own voice surrounds with you throughout. This will physically last for 40 Seconds, but will last forever in your mind for sure.

Step-14: Ground staff will be asking you to hold one stick so that he can pull you downside.
Step-15: You hold the stick and you will be brought to the ground level, will be asked to lie on bed like platform
Step-16: You will be given a 500ml water bottle and a badge for your dare devil activity. The caption is – I have got GUTS !!
Step-17: You will walk uphill 10 minutes to reach to the main office cafeteria.
Step-18: You can see your jumping video by seeing the video number written on your fist. Time to celebrate !!
Step-19: You pay the additional amount Rs. 750/- for Video. They will be burning a CD for you. Also, file can be copied to your Mobile storage or car pen drive. There won’t be any photos. You can take snapshots from the video for photos. BTW, who need photos when you have dare devil video in your hand. Just a thought.
Step-20: You will be walking towards your car with Pride in your heart, fearlessness in mind, “I have got Guts” badge on your chest and your dare devil video on your Hand.
Step-21: Ready to Show off your dare-devil activity on Social media.

Is this the end?? Picture abhi baki hai mere dost. Adventure ek aisi keeda hai joh kabhi nahin marta. If you are like me, then you will gear up for the next level adventure, May be- Sky Diving at Dhanipur Airstrip, Aligarh (just a 2 and 1/2 hour drive from Delhi). Keep checking this space for my SKY DIVING experience. Till then bye bye and many congrats in advance for your Bungy Jumping.

My Unedited footage of Bungy Jumping is here:

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